Weapon XR-2 Assault Rifle

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The XR-2

The XR-2 is a medium to long range auto burst fire assault rifle. Yes, it is a burst rifle, but you can hold the trigger down and it will keep firing at its fire rate, hence making it auto. 

Reload Times (seconds)

Base Weapon Stats for XR-2 - Orange

Rate of Fire (Rounds / Minute)

Base Weapon Stats for XR-2 - Orange

Ammo (Rounds)

Base Weapon Stats for XR-2 - Orange
XR-2 with Extended Mags Attachment - White

Shots to Kill (m)


  • XR-2: Quick Info

  • Fastest in class handling
  • Very Accurate
  • One burst kill within its effective range
  • Odd left to right recoil pattern

XR-2 Stats


Unlocked Level 1
Fire Mode Fully Automatic
Reload Times - Add 1.00s
Reload Times - Mid Mag 2.00s
Reload Times - Empty Mag 3.00s
ADS Time 0.25s
Magazine Size 30 Rounds
Stockpile 90 Rounds
RPM - Rounds / Minute 720 Rounds
Accuracy 7/20
Hipspread 3.50-7.00°