Weapon RK5 Pistol

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The RK5

Even though it doesn't have much in the way of ammunition storage, the RK5 more than makes up for it with a fast burst cycle rate, enabling multiple shots in a matter of seconds. It's good if you find yourself surrounded.  

Reload Times (seconds)

Base Weapon Stats for RK5 - Orange

Rate of Fire (Rounds / Minute)

Base Weapon Stats for RK5 - Orange

Ammo (Rounds)

Base Weapon Stats for RK5 - Orange

Shots to Kill (m)


RK5 Stats


Unlocked Level 22
Fire Mode Burst Fire
Reload Times - Add 0.85s
Reload Times - Mid Mag 1.48s
Reload Times - Empty Mag 1.65s
ADS Time 0.13s
Magazine Size 15 Rounds
Stockpile 45 Rounds
RPM - Rounds / Minute 1030 Rounds
Accuracy 11/20
Hipspread 3.00-5.00°