Weapon Gorgon Light Machine Gun

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The Gorgon

This machine gun is probably one of the best automatic weapons you'll find, even with its slow firing rate. It's enabled to deliver quick two-hit kills at close range, and is also very good when it comes to adding attachments.  

Reload Times (seconds)

Base Weapon Stats for Gorgon - Orange

Rate of Fire (Rounds / Minute)

Base Weapon Stats for Gorgon - Orange

Ammo (Rounds)

Base Weapon Stats for Gorgon - Orange
Gorgon with Extended Mags Attachment - White

Shots to Kill (m)


Gorgon Stats


Unlocked Level 7
Fire Mode Fully Automatic
Reload Times - Add 2.50s
Reload Times - Mid Mag 4.25s
Reload Times - Empty Mag 4.75s
ADS Time 0.55s
Magazine Size 50 Rounds
Stockpile 100 Rounds
RPM - Rounds / Minute 300 Rounds
Accuracy 11/20
Hipspread 8.00-12.00°