Weapon Dingo Light Machine Gun

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The Dingo

It's not eating babies, but this Dingo is still delivering damage, thanks to its incredibly fast firing rate and moderate recoil, so it's not too bad with aim. It's also got full-auto capability, which makes hitting multiple enemies an advantage.  

Reload Times (seconds)

Base Weapon Stats for Dingo - Orange

Rate of Fire (Rounds / Minute)

Base Weapon Stats for Dingo - Orange

Ammo (Rounds)

Base Weapon Stats for Dingo - Orange
Dingo with Extended Mags Attachment - White

Shots to Kill (m)


Dingo Stats


Unlocked Level 1
Fire Mode Fully Automatic
Reload Times - Add 4.50s
Reload Times - Mid Mag 6.75s
Reload Times - Empty Mag 6.75s
ADS Time 0.33s
Magazine Size 80 Rounds
Stockpile 160 Rounds
RPM - Rounds / Minute 720 Rounds
Accuracy 1/20
Hipspread 4.00-6.00°