Weapon Argus Shotgun

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The Argus

This lever-action shotgun is excellent when it comes to overall spread of gunfire, as it can hit most targets within aiming range. You can also use the sight for better accuracy as well. Just make sure to have plenty of ammo for it. 

Reload Times (seconds)

Base Weapon Stats for Argus - Orange

Rate of Fire (Rounds / Minute)

Base Weapon Stats for Argus - Orange

Ammo (Rounds)

Base Weapon Stats for Argus - Orange
Argus with Extended Mags Attachment - White

Shots to Kill (m)


Argus Stats


Unlocked Level 37
Fire Mode Single Shot
Reload Times - Add 1.40s
Reload Times - Mid Mag 2.05s
Reload Times - Empty Mag 2.80s
ADS Time 0.00s
Magazine Size 10 Rounds
Stockpile 30 Rounds
RPM - Rounds / Minute 300 Rounds
Accuracy 5/20
Hipspread 2.00-3.50°