Modern Warfare Remastered: Five Best Weapons For Newcomers

These five weapons will see you through even the most intense multiplayer matches against seasoned pros. 

Newer Call of Duty players who decide to take the competitive multiplayer for a spin in the upcoming Modern Warfare Remastered will be find themselves at a noticeable disadvantage. They will have to fight on the same battlefield as seasoned pros who already know which weapons in the game are considered the “best in class.” So if you’re a newcomer to Modern Warfare planning on trying out the multiplayer component in Modern Warfare Remastered, this guide will help you pick between five of the most optimum weapons. Because everyone's style of play is different, we've chosen one from each of Modern Warfare’s five primary weapon classes.

Here are the five best weapons for newcomers in Modern Warfare Remastered.

Assault Rifles

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The AK-47 assault rifle is a good choice for a beginner not because it has any distinct advantages over other assault rifles, but because it actually functions best in its base form with no attachments equipped. It’s time-to-kill, ammo capacity, recoil, and weapon sway are all middle of the road which makes it an excellent choice for players who want to gradually ease themselves into the Modern Warfare multiplayer experience while still earning a few kills in the process. If you really want to rack up the kills with this weapon you can also equip the optional GP-25 underbarrel grenade launcher attachment. However, be prepared to endure the ridicule often associated with using what the classic Modern Warfare community calls the “noob tube.”

Sub-Machine Guns

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If you’re looking for a Modern Warfare variant of Black Ops 3’s Kuda sub-machine gun, the MP5 is it. Available from the start at level 1, the MP5 has a high accuracy rate, low sprint-to-aim time, and high close-range damage potential. It is easy to see why it’s one of the most popular sub-machine guns in Modern Warfare. The MP5 is also unique in that it uses the same type of ammo as the M9 pistol, meaning that equipping the MP5 and the M9 at the same time actually grants bonus ammo to both weapons. Doing so prevents you from having to waste your tier 1 perk slot on a perk like Bandolier.

Light Machine Guns

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You might think that the RPD light machine gun isn’t all that impressive considering you unlock it at level 4, but this isn’t true. When paired with the Stopping Power perk the RPD actually has the most damage per second of any light machine gun, and its close-range time-to-kill ratio is only surpassed by a Stopping Power-equipped M60E4 light machine gun. When equipped with a Grip attachment the RPD also has next-to-no recoil and no visual sway, making it a very effective option for direct long-range engagements.


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Some players might prefer the M1014 shotgun’s semi-automatic rate of fire, but the W1200 shotgun has a much higher one-shot-kill potential at close range. This makes the W1200 the perfect choice for close-quarters engagements. The W1200 also allows you to walk at full speed when aiming down the sights, something the M1014 doesn’t allow. If you want to become a bonafide CQC expert in Modern Warfare Remastered the W1200 is the way to go, especially considering you unlock it right when you hit level 2.

Sniper Rifles

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The M40A3 sniper rifle isn’t terribly impressive in its base form, which makes sense considering you unlock it early on in level 3. However, unlike all of Modern Warfare’s other sniper rifles, the M40A3 becomes much more viable when paired with the Stopping Power perk and the ACOG sight attachment. With both Stopping Power and the ACOG equipped, the M40A3 can score a reliable one-shot-kill on enemy players no matter where the bullet hits them. Thus making it an excellent weapon to use for players who want to refine their sniping skills.

To further prepare yourself for the Modern Warfare remaster’s multiplayer component, be sure to read our full Modern Warfare Remastered FAQ, as well as our feature detailing the five essential Modern Warfare perks you should equip. Also be sure to take a look at some of the Modern Warfare maps which returning in the remastered version.

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