Zetsubou No Shima: How to Activate the Bloody Hallucinations Easter Egg

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's new Zetsubou No Shima has a horrifying Easter Egg, find out how to do it in our latest BO3 Zombies guide.

When Treyarch first announced Zetsubou No Shima during a live stream, they said it was the scariest Zombie map yet. When Zetsubou launched with the Eclipse DLC, it seemed to be standard zombies fare, no scarier than any of the others. But then people started finding hallucinations. We’ll teach you how to poison yourself with the spores and find the hallucination locations, so bring a fresh pair of underwear and keep the lights on for our Bloody Hallucination Zetsubou No Shima guide.

Breath in the Spores

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The first step of this Easter Egg requires standing in an orange spore cloud for the entire duration. Melee the glowing orange spores and stand in the resulting cloud. You are not able to fire your weapon while this is going on, so the best time to try this is towards the end of the round when there are not a lot of zombies.

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There is not a consensus on how many spores you have to breath in, but you will hear a creepy voice when you have done it enough. Only one hallucination can happen per round, and it seems this initial indicator of breathing in the spores may count as a hallucination, so finish off your current round to get to the next step.

Hallucination Locations

There are three known (so far) places that have hallucinations; Lab A, Lab B, and the Bunker.

Lab A

If you are coming from the spawn location, go up the first staircase and open the metal door for 1000 points. Walk up to the HVK wall buy station and make a left, the next room will have a bunk bed and a workbench with a caution sign.

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Lab B

The first floor workstation in Lab B is another possible room for these hallucinations to occur. Go up the exterior staircase and into the first room, then go through the opening on your right. The workstation will be immediately to your left.

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The Bunker

The already creepy Element 115 test subject room is the final possible location for these hallucinations. Enter the bunker and head to the back door, that is where you will find the test subject tanks.

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How to Hallucinate

Once you are in one of these locations, and you have inhaled enough orange spores to hear the creepy voice, the only thing you have to do is wait. Your entire screen will flash white, and the same disembodied voices will start talking. You will notice the walls are now covered in blood.

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If none of this is happening, go back to some more spores, or clear the current round and try again. Is this the start of another hidden Easter Egg, or is it a fun trick?

Keep an eye on our constantly updated Zetsubou No Shima Guide Hub, where you can find out how to turn on the power, how to build the KT-4 and even how to complete the main Easter Egg.

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