How To Get The Golden Bucket In Black Ops 3's Zetsubou No Shima

Follow this handy guide to earn The Golden Bucket that is capable of holding unlimited water in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Zetsubou No Shima.

Black Ops 3’s Eclipse DLC is less than a week old, and dedicated Zombies players have already unearthed a vast number of secrets in BO3's new Zombies map, Zetsubou No Shima. One of these secrets allows you to upgrade the map’s otherwise standard bucket into a Golden Bucket, making it so the bucket can hold an infinite amount of water without ever needing a refill. Follow the steps below to get the Golden Bucket in Zetsubou No Shima.

Preparation Phase

There are a few steps you need to complete before you can attain the Golden Bucket upgrade. What, you thought this was going to be simple?

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Assemble the Skull of Nan Sapwe

First, you need to assemble the Skull of Nan Sapwe Wonder Weapon. If you’re unsure how to do so, read our guide on how to assemble the Skull of Nan Sapwe.

Mesmerize the Torn Paper

Once you’ve assembled the Skull of Nan Sapwe, use its mesmerize function on a scrap of paper located on a wall in the bunker opposite the purple Element 115 water pool. This also happens to be the first step toward completing the map’s main Easter Egg. Doing so will restore the bottom half of the torn paper, and will also allow you to mesmerize other objects throughout the map.

Create Plants

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This next step takes a bit of time. You have to fully grow four different plants using all three Element 115 water colors (blue, green and purple), as well as one plant which is watered with a single “charge” of each of the three colors. Meaning this particular plant requires three charges of blue, three charges of green, three charges of purple, and a fourth with one charge of each.

Building the Golden Bucket

Finding the Dirt Plot

Once you have the Skull of Nan Sapwe, mesmerized the torn paper, and successfully grown the requisite plants, head down to the area below lab B. You’ll see a long horizontal vine will shrivel up and disappear when mesmerized to reveal a new dirt plot. Keep in mind that the vine won’t disappear unless you’ve grown the four requisite plants above. Before interacting with the newly uncovered plot, make sure you have at least three seeds in your inventory. Then approach the plot, interact with it, and set your bucket down.

Planting the Seeds

After you’ve set your bucket down on the plot three new dirt plots will spawn around you, and you’ll have to plant seeds in all three of these plots (hence needing at least three seeds beforehand). New purple plants will instantly sprout from the plots once all three have been seeded, and the plants will begin devouring nearby zombies. You’ll have to wait until all three plants have eaten their fill of zombies (about 2-3 rounds worth).

Picking up the Golden Bucket

Once all of the plants are satiated, a special glowing plant will emerge from where you placed your bucket, and you’ll be able to harvest this plant in order to receive the Golden Bucket upgrade. Every player on your team can pick up the Golden Bucket upgrade, and can swap out the type of water the bucket holds without penalty. You’ll have an unlimited usage of whatever water type you decide to fill the Golden Bucket with.

If you’d rather watch a video walkthrough for this Easter Egg, check out MrDalekJD’s video below.

If you’re looking to uncover more Zetsubou No Shima secrets, be sure to read our guides on how to assemble the KT-4 Wonder Weapon, how to turn on the map’s two different power sources, and how to defeat the map’s hidden giant spider boss.

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