Zetsubou No Shima: How to Complete the Main Easter Egg

Learn how to tackle all the steps needed to complete the main Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Zetsubou No Shima Zombie Mode.

The Zetsubou No Shima map introduced in Black Ops 3’s new Eclipse DLC has a “main” Easter Egg, similar to previous Zombies maps. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to complete all of the steps needed to reach the main Easter Egg. This Easter Egg can be completed either solo or with a group, though it’s easier to complete while rolling with a few buddies who are already familiar with the map. As with other main Easter Eggs, the one from Zetsubou No Shima requires a little prep work first. We’ve detailed all of these initial steps below.

Preparation for the Main Easter Egg

Anywhere But Here Gobblegum

Before you boot the Zetsubou No Shima map, you’ll want to make sure that at least one person in your group has the “Anywhere But Here” GobbleGum equipped (you unlock this GobbleGum by reaching rank 10 in the Zombies progression system). You will not be able to complete this Easter Egg without it!

Turn on the Power

Although technically you can do this with temporary power, it is not much harder to turn on the power permanently, so you might as well. If you are unsure of these steps, use our guide to learn how to turn on the power in Zetsubou No Shima.

Skull of Nan Sapwe and KT-4  Wonder Weapons

Once in the match, you’ll need to unlock the Skull of Nan Sapwe Wonder Weapon. Without it, you will not be able to open the doors required to fight the final boss. Also required is the KT-4, you will have to remove those pesky spider webs with it and shoot the final boss.

Gas Mask and Shield

The gas mask is a requirement for completing the main Easter Egg, you will not be able to survive in the final room without it. No mask equals death, there is no negotiation here. The shield is also a requirement for one specific part involving the zip lines, but it is also just nice to have on your back during the tough final battle. If you do not know how to build these items, learn where to find all gas mask parts and where to find all shield parts.

Completing the Player Challenges

You will need to complete the three randomized challenges assigned to the pillars surrounding the altar where you found the four skulls of the Skull of Nan Sapwe. There will be one pillar of three challenges for each player, meaning you have to only complete a single pillar if you’re playing solo, but co-op groups will have to finish as many pillars as there are players.

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You don’t have to complete the pillar challenges to begin the Easter Egg, but you do need to do this in order to finish the Easter Egg, so try to make as much progress as you can while unlocking the Skull of Nan Sapwe and constructing the KT-4. You can go back to the pillars and check your progress throughout the early stages of the map.

Finding the Hidden Walls

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Once you have the Skull of Nan Sapwe, head down to the bunker area with the purple Element 115 water pool. Only one person needs to be here. There is a scrap of paper located on the wall in the room’s far left corner (across from the purple water pool), use the Skull of Nan Sapwe’ mesmerize attack (hold the left trigger) while pointed at this paper scrap. Doing this will reveal the bottom half of the paper, and will also allow you how to use the Skull’s mesmerize power to find rooms that are otherwise hidden by walls.

The Elevator Room

The wall you will have to mesmerize is located towards the front of the bunker, on the left side if you came in through the front or on your right if you came from the paper scrap room. Look for the corner section of the wall by the elevator, in between the danger sign with a bright worklight over it and a zombie spawn point.

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Use mesmerize with the Skull of Nan Sapwe to grant access to this hidden room. Inside you will find an old machine that powers the elevator.

How to Find the Cogs

Unfortunately, the machine in the elevator room is missing some parts. You’ll have to find three different cogs in order to get it up and running.

First Cog

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Use the KT-4 on the large spider web located behind the blue pool of Element 115 water near lab A. Proceed past the web to trigger a mini-boss fight against the giant spider enemy. Once the giant spider is dead, pick up the strange tooth it drops (you’ll need this later to upgrade the KT-4), and then use the “Anywhere But Here” GobbleGum. Using this GobbleGum directly after the Spider battle will teleport you to an otherwise unreachable secret room filled with dragon eggs. The first cog is on the floor, no button prompt will appear so hold square until the cog disappears from the floor.

Second Cog

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Make sure you first fill your bucket with blue Element 115 water, and that you have at least three rounds left in your KT-4. Plant a seed in any available plot, water it with the blue water, and then shoot it with a single KT-4 round. By doing this a total of three times over three rounds the seed will eventually grow into a unique-looking purple plant. Harvest the plant to receive a large missile. Once you have the missile, go to the bunker’s roof where the AA gun is located and hold square to load the missile. Wait a little bit and you will see a slow-moving plane flying overhead. Wait until the plane is lined up with the gun’s barrels then fire the gun, otherwise you’ll miss and have to repeat all of the second cog steps. When the plane blows up the second cog will crash either near the AA gun, or outside the bunker’s main entrance. Once again, there will not be a button prompt, however there will be a small plume of smoke rising from the cog which will make it easier to see.

Third Cog

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First you need to complete all of the pillar challenges and build the shield, as previously mentioned. Once all of the challenges are completed lightning will periodically strike the skull altar. By standing near the altar with the shield equipped, the lightning will electrocute the shield and allow you to interact with certain objects. If you are playing solo, head up to the zip line control panel near lab A, melee it a few times with your electric shield, and then use the zip line. You will notice a secret dock area below you, holding back on the left thumbstick of your controller while above this area to drop down onto it.

If you are playing co-op, the procedure will require a bit of teamwork. While one player is on the zipline over the secret area, a teammate with the electrified shield will have to bash the control panel to make them drop down. Your timing has to be perfect, go too soon and your friend will fall off the map and die. We will not judge you if you do this on purpose to be funny, but your teammates might!  The third cog is located on this secret dock.

With all three cogs, head back to the elevator room and fix the machine by holding square while standing next to it.

Upgrade the KT-4 to the Masamune Wonder Weapon

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Before you use the elevator you’ll need to upgrade the KT-4 into the Masamune Wonder Weapon. To do this you need to get three different parts: the giant spider’s tooth (as mentioned above), a vial off a skeleton (accessible by melee hitting the lab B cage control panel, then getting into the cage as it lowers down to a previously inaccessible area), and a special plant part. To get the plant part quickly fill your bucket with “rainbow water” while being shot through the underwater pipe in the bunker, use the Skull of Nan Sapwe on the wall in the underwater passage that held one of the KT-4’s original parts to reveal a special seed plot, plant a seed and then water it with the rainbow water over the course of three rounds.

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The Final Boss

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With the Masamune in hand take the elevator down to a new underground area; it is filled with lethal gas so make sure your gas mask is built. The large vines blocking your path can only be destroyed by using the Masamune. Eventually you will reach a large room housing the map’s final boss. Shoot the glowing spore on the boss’s arm to initiate the fight.

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There will be loads of thrashers and spiders, along with standard zombies to contest. Whoever is using the Masamune needs to keep an eye on the boss during all of this chaos, because every time a spore appears it will need to be shot with the Masamune. Once all the spores have been destroyed and all enemies have been slain, the final cutscene will play and the Easter Egg is complete!

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