Syndicate Beats Final Boss in Black Ops 3 Zetsubou No Shima

Video shows how teamwork can successfully bring down one of the toughest bosses on the Zetsubou No Shima zombie map.

Think you've seen your share of epic battles in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's latest Zombies map, Zetsubou No Shima? Let us introduce you to the final boss, a huge juggernaut creature with small monkeys running around wreaking havoc. 

The Syndicate Project posted a new video showcasing a four-person team going head-to-head with this large creature, using everything they have to take him down. It's an intense battle with all those enemies running around. Eventually the team finally gets the job done, revealing the cut scene with the special Easter egg ending. We won't spoil this. All we can say is it's pretty gruesome.

Check out the video below, and enjoy the carnage!

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