Zetsubou No Shima: How to Get the Skull of Nan Sapwe

The Skull of Nan Sapwe is one of the best Wonder Weapons ever in Call of Duty Zombies, use our guide to pick it up and dominate Black Ops 3's  Zetsubou No Shima.

This feature will tell you how to get the Skull of Nan Sapwe in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s new Eclipse DLC Zombie mode, Zetsubou No Shima. The Skull of Nan Sapwe is an extremely powerful specialist weapon, capable of stopping zombies in their tracks and also causing them to hover and explode. Wonder Weapons are always fun to use in BO3 Zombies, and the Skull of Nan Sapwe is no different. Use our guide to find the four skulls, perform the ritual and get the Skull of Nan Sapwe in Zetsubou No Shima.

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The Skull Ritual Table

The table itself will have four individual skulls placed on each side, with similar symbols that correspond to the nearby pillars. At the moment, the only symbols that need to be memorized are the ones below the skull you're going to pick up. Make a note, take a picture or memorize your symbol, you will need it later.

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The first step is to go to the skull ritual table, located to the right of spawn. The table can easily be spotted as it's surrounded by found pillars that have symbols glowing on them. You can see the skull ritual table’s location in the lower right of the map below, it is the square with four dots.

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Picking Up the Skull

After you've noted down or memorized your symbol, go up to the skull and an action prompt will appear. Hold square (or X on Xbox) to pick it up the skull and it will automatically go to your inventory.

Finding the Ritual Stands

Now that you have your symbol and your skull, you need to make your way to one of the four ritual stands around the map. One thing to note is that while the ritual stand locations do not change, the ritual symbols on them will. This means that each time you perform the ritual, your symbol will not always go to the same ritual stand.

Below are the locations of each Ritual Stand. Some of these stands will require power, so make sure you know how to turn on the power in Zetsbou No Shima before starting.

Ritual Stand 1

Ritual Stand one can be located in the middle of the spawn area, next to a broken wall.

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Ritual Stand 2

Ritual Stand two is below the plane propeller trap.

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Ritual Stand 3

Ritual Stand three can be located at the bottom of the interactive zip line near the crates.

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Ritual Stand 4

Ritual Stand four can be located in the bunker next to where the KT-4 wonder weapon can be crafted.

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After you've reached your stand with the same markings of your skull, you'll be able to place your skull on the stand by pressing square.

Defending Your Skull

Once the skull is on the stand, 3-5 portals will open up, sending zombies, spiders and sometimes Thrashers your way. Your objective here is to defend the skull and the method is  very simple, kill everything. Thrashers will give you the biggest problem, but use our How to Kill the Trasher guide to make things easier. These portal enemies will not go after you, they will only attack the skull! If the skull takes too much damage, the ritual will stop and the process will have to start over. A sound indicator will be heard and your skull will light up about 20 seconds  after you have killed all the enemies from the portals. Once you see this light, you will be able to pick up your skull. Make sure the person who placed the skull is the one who picks it up. Repeat this procedure for all four skulls, then head back to the Ritual Table.

Activating the Secret Chamber

When you make it back to the Ritual Table, place all four skulls back into their original place. If you did this correctly a nearby log will lift into the air, revealing a secret passageway. Follow this passageway and it will open up into a chamber with the Skull of Nan Sapwe in the middle of the room. Walk up to the skull and hold square to activate it.

Fighting the Gatekeepers

When this skull is activated, a red portal will open up and send in Gatekeepers; they float around and look a little scary, but shouldn’t cause much trouble. There is not a special way to defeat them, so shoot away. The Skull of Nan Sapwe needs charging in order to be used, and will receive a charge each time you kill a Gatekeeper. Once the skull is fully charged, usually around 30 Gatekeeper kills, the Skull of Nan Sapwe can be picked up by holding square.

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Using the Skull of Nan Sapwe

The Skull of Nan Sapwe in Zetsubou No Shima is a brilliant weapon with two attacks that'll get you out of tight situations.Just like the Specialist Weapons in Black Ops 3 multiplayer, the Skull of Nan Sapwe is used by pressing the left and right bumpers at the same time. Holding down the left trigger while looking at a zombie will cause it to freeze and holding the right trigger will cause all zombies in your path to lift up and explode. The Skull of Nan Sapwe timer will drain faster while using it, so try not to spam attacks. Once the timer is drained, you will have to kill more zombies with your regular weapons to fill it back up.

Now that you have the Skull of Nan Sapwe, find out all the awesome stuff you can do with our Zetsubou No Shima guide! Use your new Wonder Weapon to help take down the Giant Spider Boss. If you need a break from all this zombie slaying, kick back and listen to some music by finding all the stuffed monkeys for the secret song.

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