Zetsubou No Shima: Best Camping Spots

We’ve detailed the best places to dig in and camp while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse's new zombie mode, Zetsubou No Shima.  

As many seasoned Black Ops 3 Zombies player know, one of the best strategies to stay alive is by constantly moving and making sure all angles are covered. However, there are times when the best course of action is actually staying still, holding a specific area and fighting off waves of zombies as they come towards you. This strategy is often referred to as “camping.” If you’re hoping to survive into the later rounds on the Eclipse DLC’s new Zetsubou No Shima Zombies map, below are several different parts of the map that serve as ideal camping spots.

The Plane Propeller Trap Area

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This area can be reached by heading through the first door on the left past the initial spawn area, then past a second vine door near the KRM-262 wall-buy station. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see the large plane propeller trap and a wall-buy station for the Pharo SMG. While there are multiple places from which zombies can emerge, this area’s open layout allows for easy slaying of zombies. This makes it a passable camping spot for early rounds, or when playing solo. However, once you get into the later stages of the game you may want to look elsewhere for your camping needs.

The Large Meteorite

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Down past Lab B you’ll find a large meteorite and a nearby walkway, (the meteorite is where you can fill your bucket with green Element 115 water). If you’ve already explored the central bunker and opened up the side passage that leads to the walkway, this spot loses viability. When the side passage is closed, the walkway is a pretty decent location for a group to fight back against larger waves of zombies. Just remember that zombies can come at you from both sides, and from the section of walkway that’s missing its railing. Your best bet is to have one player watch both sides of the walkway, one player watch the railing gap, and the fourth assist with whatever area currently has the most zombies.

Lab A’s Two Entrances

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Before you open the doors into Zetsubou No Shima’s two laboratories, the areas outside their entrances can make great camping spots. This is because they’re located at the end of very narrow passageways and staircases. The first entrance to Lab A is handy because it has an escape pipe next to it, but since zombies can still come down on you from the rooftop above it loses viability in later rounds. Still, if you’ve got a nice train going, Lab A’s first entrance can help you thin the herd while also providing a handy escape route.

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Meanwhile Lab A’s second entrance isn’t as viable as its first, though it can help you funnel the zombies into a narrow killing field if you’re desperate. This camping spot would be amazing if you were able to use the nearby zipline, but sadly activating the zipline requires restoring power to the bunker. To restore the power you first need to turn on both lab generators (http://opshead.com/article/871/black-ops-3-zetsubou-no-shima-turn-on-the-power), which ruins all four lab camping spots in the process.

Lab B’s Two Entrances

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I would argue that lab B’s entrances are better camping spots than Lab A’s, but only if you’re working in a group. Lab B’s first entrance forces zombies to travel up a long, straight  passageway, giving you plenty of time to gun them down before they reach you. However, there are no other exits besides the doorway into the lab, meaning if you run out of ammo while a horde is approaching and you don’t have a GobbleGum (like Anywhere But Here), you better pray you have enough points saved to open the lab’s door and escape. Keep in mind that doing this will render the spot pretty much useless, so try to ensure your ammo is always topped off before camping.

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Lab B’s second entrance once again forces zombies to travel a long way in order to get to you, this time up a circular staircase. While the distance you can put between your team and the zombies is favorable, the fact that the zombies are constantly switching angles to reach you means this spot isn’t as preferable as the first entrance. Also, like the first entrance, your only escape route is through the lab door. Making it extremely important to be adequately prepared before camping here.

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