Zetsubou No Shima: All Shield Part Locations

Where to find all of the Shield parts on the Zetsubou No Shima zombie map.

This feature will tell you where to find all the parts for the Shield in Zetsubou No Shima, the new zombie map in the Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC. Having the Shield is important for reaching the tougher rounds in Zetsubou No Shima. Similar to other Black Ops 3 zombie maps, you need to find three parts and then build it at any workstation. 

Although the Shield is free to build, you will need a lot of points to open the many doors throughout the map. If you’re having trouble opening doors, we’ll tell you how to get lots of points playing Zetsubou No Shima.

Shield Part 1: Struts and Bolts

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After accumulating as many points as you can, go to Lab A. You can do this by taking a left from spawn and buying the 500 points door, followed by opening the door to facility A at the cost of 1,000 points. When you’re inside the facility there are three different places the first piece can spawn. Because the locations of this piece will always be in the same area, go directly below the facility A building and look at the foundation and surrounding pillars. This is where the part can be found.

Shield Part 2: Glass Window

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Now head to facility B to find the second part of the shield, the glass window. This part is trickier to locate because it usually blends in with the trees around the lab. 

Yes, that's right. The second part is located on one of the many trees around the facility in the swamp. Although the shield part is slightly camouflaged, it is the biggest shield part of the three and therefore shouldn't be too difficult to find. 

Side note: There will always be one shield part at facility A and one shield part at facility B. 

Now that you have the second part, make your way to the bunker where the Pack-a-Punch and main power switch are located. 

Shield Part 3: Bottom of the Shield

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Once you arrive at the bunker, make sure you have the main power activated. Not only will this save time, but also result in a much smoother progression obtaining more parts for the Wonder Weapon and machine tools. If you need help, we'll tell you how to turn on the power in Zetubou No Shima.

The final part will always spawn in the small-enclosed area through the main bunkers doors on the right hand side. If this is slighlty confusing, look for the outside area with the propeller blade trap and the anti aircraft gun. With this in mind, the door you want to access will cost 1250 points. It can spawn in a few different locations, but since this is such an enclosed area you can easily find it by looking around the outskirts of all the walls. This third and final piece will be the bottom portion to the shield. 

You can now make the Shield at any workstation on the map and it will be ready to use immediately. Always remember that the Shield will break with the right amount of zombie hits, so it's a wise idea to build the Shield in a very accessible location you and all your teammates can find.

The Shield is quite strong and can be used for either offense of defense, and even is required for the Easter Egg. 

Now that you have the Shield, read our Zetsubou No Shima Guide, where we reveal all gas mask part locations and tell you how to build the KT-4 Wonder Weapon.

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