How to Solo Zetsubou No Shima

Black Ops 3's Eclipse DLC Zombie map is a ton of fun, and you can play it by yourself by following our strategy. 

Even though Black Ops 3’s Zombies maps are designed with co-op in mind, it’s not impossible to survive each map’s unique horrors playing by yourself. In some regards, it can actually be preferable (for instance, playing solo allows you to pause the game if needed). If you’re considering venturing into the Eclipse DLC’s new Zetsubou No Shima map without backup, we have some handy tips to help make things a little easier.

Find The Quick Revive Perk-a-Cola Spawn

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When playing Zetsubou No Shima solo, a plane will airdrop the Quick Revive Perk-a-Cola machine onto the map once the second round begins. You should try to observe exactly where it drops. There are only two possible locations, and they’re both behind a door you have to pay points to open. Keeping a close eye out on where it drops will prevent you from wasting points early in the game by opening both doors. I personally found that the Quick Revive machine tends drop past the leftmost gate more often, but it’s still advisable to be certain before dropping points to open the door.

Plant Seeds For Eventual Free Weapons

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One of the first things you should do as soon as the match begins is find the bucket on the ground (there are several different spots where it appears, so look around until you spot it). Enemies you slay will sometimes drop seeds, the first seed you pick up will grant a small, randomized amount of colored water for your bucket (there are three colors: purple, green, and blue).

Whenever you pick up a seed, plant it in an available plot of dirt (the plots are circular and surrounded by a stone barrier) as quickly as possible, and then water it if you can. The seeds will eventually grow into plants that can be harvested, potentially rewarding you with a free weapon such as the XM-53 or Sheiva. Even if it’s a weapon you don’t care for, it’s still a weapon you don’t have to spend any points on. This allows you to build up your arsenal, and save points for more important purchases (like Perk-a-Colas).

Assemble The Gas Mask

One of the easiest side-tasks to complete in Zetsubou No Shima, even by yourself, is assembling the gas mask. We have a full guide that details exactly how to build the gas mask. Since finding all the gas mask parts requires knowing your way around the map, you shouldn’t worry about doing this during your first few solo runs. Once you’re fully confident in your ability to locate each of the gas mask’s parts, assembling the mask should be one of your first priorities at the beginning of every new game. Having the gas mask may not seem like a big deal at first, but when you accidently run headfirst into a poison spore cloud during later rounds as hordes of zombies and a Thrasher bear down on you, you’ll definitely be glad to have it.

Decide On A Game Plan And Stick To It

There’s a surprisingly large number of tasks you can complete in Zetsubou No Shima, making it easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. The best way to combat this and re-orient yourself is to decide on a game plan and stick to it as best you can. This could be something simple like finding a specific wall-buy weapon to level up, turning on the map's two generators, activating the map's Pack-a-Punch machine,or assembling the KT-4 Wonder Weapon.

For more Zetsubou No Shima tips and strategies, be sure to read our guides on how to quickly amass a large amount of points, and how to find the hidden Widow’s Wine pool. We also have more generalized tips that will help whether you’re playing solo or with other players.

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