Call of Duty in Real Life is the Must Watch Hilarious Video of the Day

So this is why our burgers take so long.

Everyone who works in an office or kitchen needs time to blow off steam.  Some of us gossip while others do a little online shopping. The guys in this video chose to film Call of Duty in real life.

Technically if you wanted to see real world CoD you could switch on the evening news, sad to say, which is why we prefer this good-humored video set in some random kitchen. The people filming cover the Call of Duty basics. These include running and gunning, using a silencer, sniping someone from behind, throwing Semtex and of course, making an unsuspecting camper pay the ultimate price; tea-bagging included.

While funny, the video does pose some questions. Which restaurant is this? We don’t want to visit one where its cooks hang out on the floor. Second, how can we get this map, and do supply drops come with fries? 

Guaranteed to be the silliest thing you’ll see today. Let us know what you think.

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