Black Ops 3 Player's Killing Spree Ruined in Heartbreaking Fashion

Assault and battery.

Getting interrupted while playing a video game is the worst. Everyone has a story where he or she had to stop gaming because someone rang the doorbell, the family pet had to go outside or a baby woke up from a nap. 

With single player modes this is bearable because you pause the game, take care of business and then pick up where you left off. However, this luxury does not extend to multiplayer, where pausing often means certain death.

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Here’s the thing, though. The above examples are for the most part uncontrollable. All parents know a sleeping baby is essentially a ticking time bomb set to go off at any moment, and the person ringing the doorbell? Don’t answer the door! 

Conversely, charging one’s controller or inserting a fresh pair of AA batteries (we still can’t believe Xbox controllers still take batteries in 2016) is something you control.  The last thing you need when going on an epic multiplayer killing spree is for the controller to crap out. Unfortunately this is what happened to a Black Ops 3 player who was about to complete a jaw-dropping murder spree.

He or she manages to get the drop on a bunch of unsuspecting players. Things start off awesomely as this person begins scoring multiple kills en route to some of the best scorestreaks in the game. Then disaster strikes.  

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Notice… please reconnect controller(s).

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Nooooo! Soul crushing! And this person was on PS3 or PS4. DualShock controllers don’t even take batteries! All you need to do is plug in the USB cable. This is either the result of a marathon gaming session or someone left the controller disconnected from the console for too long. Sad.  Had this person charged the controller, perhaps he or she would have scored 10 kills in 10 seconds like this Black Ops 3 player.

We’ll tell you one thing. If you intend to beat the original Modern Warfare without firing a single bullet, you better make sure the controller is fully charged. This guarantees you'll have enough juice to achieve an epic Mega Kill similar to this one.