Five Reasons Why Call of Duty 2016 Should Stay Out of Space

Infinity Ward's next chapter in the Call of Duty series could be reaching for the stars – and here are five reasons why that's a bad idea.

By now you've probably heard the rumors surrounding Call of Duty 2016, and how it could be headed into space. The game has yet to be confirmed, so this remains mere speculation. However, a number of sources have indicated that Infinity Ward is more than ready to jump into the future... if only to make up for the mistakes it made in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Are audiences really ready to jump into a Call of Duty game set far off into the future? There have been suggestions as to why this would actually be a good thing, there are also problems that could arise from the new setting as well.

Here are five reasons why space might not be the best fit for the Call of Duty franchise.

It's Call of Duty, Not Halo

Some believe that Call of Duty should remain exactly where it has always been, grounded on Earth. With battles taking place between real enemies in realistic scenarios. Call of Duty would run the risk of losing its believability by heading in a more fantasy-based direction. Not only this, it would also remove it from its natural element and make it more similar to other existing space games – like Halo.

Call of Duty could lose its identity in space, even with the fresh ideas it would bring with it. Treyarch has proven that futuristic ideas can be put into play alongside modern military settings – but going the extra mile could potentially put the series in serious jeopardy.

Call of Duty Has Tried Space Before

Infinity Ward has actually tried a space setting in a previous release, Call of Duty: Ghosts. Here players took control of an astronaut trying to prevent a terrorist attack from being initiated. While the game did introduce a new factor to the series, most players laughed off its offbeat setting. Gunfights in space?

For that matter, who attempts to hijack a space station while running a risk that their incoming ship will be spotted? The nonsensical approach to the game ended up backfiring, and added to an already long list of problems that players had with Ghosts. Call of Duty 2016 should take into consideration the numerous issues that arise from a space setting from its predecessor, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Throwing Off Traditional Gameplay

It's easy to understand why a game series would need to incorporate fresh new ideas in order to evolve. In fact, Black Ops 3 benefitted from doing this when it added in a number of new perks and moves (like the wall run). However, what would happen if you added more than a few new things to the series? What if you added various different gravity settings that your soldier will need to quickly adjust to?

We're not saying Infinity Ward couldn't pull this off. Merely that they run a risk of alienating fans who have become comfortable with how Call of Duty has worked over the past decade. In fact, some multiplayer fans were so thrown off by the changes to multiplayer in Call of Duty: Ghosts they ended up skipping it altogether in favor of Black Ops 2. Considering how adamant the community is... changing things around too much might not be the best idea.

Lasers Aren't As Cool As Assault Rifles

The new Call of Duty 2016 will no doubt have a decent array of conventional weaponry for players to choose from. However, there's also a chance that due to the game taking place in a space setting we could see an inclusion of more futuristic weapons… like laser blasters. Though this may sound like fun for some players, others may feel like modernized weapons don’t measure up well to the guns from previous Call of Duty titles. Which could alienate many fans of traditional weapons, and could lead them to skip Call of Duty 2016 in a similar fashion to how many players skipped Call of Duty: Ghosts.

It Would be too Easy

To some, Call of Duty has turned into a pushover, mainly because of how certain perks now work in their benefit. Some players have boasted that it's too easy to pick up and utilize scorestreaks, while others have mastered new abilities, like the rocket jump and the wallrun, too much to their advantage. With that, could the game's futuristic approach make things even easier? Some people may believe so.

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The lack of new Hardcore content, combined with using gravity to your advantage and equipping a laser rifle that can get a kill in one hit (even if it's in the arm or the leg) may not sound the most appealing to everyone. That's why a lot of players prefer the older games, because they actually tested you without relying on additional gameplay gimmicks. With Call of Duty 2016, Infinity Ward may take things through the roof – and that may not necessarily be a good thing for veterans of the series.

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