Scoreboard Is Biggest Foe In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Video

PrestigeIsKey returns with another Call of Duty challenge – overcoming the scoreboard.

YouTube user PrestigeIsKey isn't afraid to take on challenges in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Although this one might prove to be too annoying for some pro players to handle.

In the video he's introduced to the Daredevil Challenge, with a nod to Netflix's hit Marvel series. PrestigeIsKey, alongside his partner Reverend Saint, have to deal with a rather unfair opponent during the match – the scoreboard.

Yes, the scoreboard is kept up throughout the entire match, and while some players may be able to see the action happening behind it, it proves to be a bigger nuisance than many would initially expect. Why?

First, despite being see-through the scoreboard, it still serves as an annoying obstacle on the screen. Sitting right in the center where you can't really see your way around it. Even though enemies are still visible through it, without being able to notice everything at one hundred percent visibility makes it easy for them to pick you off.

Second, you can't jump – which can be a fatal handicap to some players. With the scoreboard permanently displayed you can't press the button to dismiss it, meaning you also cannot jump either. The only way to get into buildings is by taking the stairs, and there’s zero possibility to launch into any sort of wallrun. As a result, you're grounded.

It's not an impossible task, however. Both players manage to make it through approximately ten minutes of gameplay, and are also able to win the match. They provide plenty of helpful notes throughout the video, so those eager to take on this challenge should listen to the video’s commentary for tips. Just prepared to get shot – a lot.

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