Black Ops 3 Player Gets 10 Kills In 10 Seconds With 100 Percent Accuracy

Without question the most accurate Black Ops 3 player we’ve seen!

Black Ops 3 players upload what seems like hundreds of personal clips every day. Most of these videos feature ho-hum stuff or confuse us. There are, of course, a select few that blow our minds. The below video is among the rarest, best Black Ops 3 videos we’ve seen.

Unbelievably, the player manages to get 10 kills in roughly 10 seconds while playing Safeguard. In all fairness he’s able to catch players defending the robot unawares, and no one turns left to see this dude wrecking them with the Locus sniper rifle.  Everyone goes for the robot and they pay for it, dearly. 

What do you think? Most impressive killstreak in Black Ops 3? Maybe, but we're more impressed with the player who attempted to beat Modern Warfare without firing a single round. Imagine that for a second... beating a Call of Duty video game without squezing the trigger. Watch the first part of his pacifist run on YouTube below, then check out the rest to see if he managed to make it all the way to the end of the game.

This Black Ops 3 player tried to beat Der Eisendrache with just the knife! You'll never believe how far he or she managed to get. We can barely get past wave four! Speaking of zombies, we have details on the new map in the Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC, Zetsubou No Shima.