Black Ops 3 Player Gets Sweet Revenge On Rise - Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

How long until Treyarch fixes this newly discovered camping spot?

Despite Treyarch’s best efforts, players continue to find exploits in Black Ops 3. Perfect example, a newly discovered camping spot on Rise from the Awakening DLC. 

In this amusing video, a bunch of players hang out atop a doorway on Rise and shoot enemies as they run through the entrance unawares. They then proceed to do the teabag dance. Little do they know the first person they slaughtered is about to launch a surprise attack from the outside! According to the revenge seeker, he or she used a Drakon sniper rifle equipped with a Suppressor and FMJ (Full Metal Jacket).

See how it all went down.

This is without question the best Black Ops 3 video we’ve seen all day. Watch it and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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