Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Getting To Know Your Optics

What attachment can best give you an aim on an opponent? We have a breakdown

When it comes to aiming in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, usually aiming down your ironsights is good enough, or using a sniper scope to nail that particular someone with a headshot. However, there are times when a little more is needed to assure that your aim is true – and that's where optics come in.

With these attachments, you're able to refine your aiming style a little bit, whether it's with the addition of a red dot that shows where your bullet is going to go, or something that provides even more accuracy when the chips are down.

There are only a few to choose from throughout the game, but this guide will break down which ones are best for the job…

Reflex Sight
This is the precision red dot sight that you'll likely start off with. It already comes on a few particular weapons, but you can make it a permanent addition to your weapon if you feel like it'll help you out.

This shines a small red dot on your target of choice, helping improve your aim overall. It'll show you a clear mark on what you're aiming at, making it easier to pick off foes from afar.

Weapons with iron sights don't necessarily need an optic scope for aiming, so you may want to save a spot on your Pick 10 until you absolutely need it. However, it's great for distance weapons, and does provide better accuracy than the usual sights.

Recon Sight
For those who prefer to zoom in on targets instead of highlighting them with a red scope, there's the Recon Sight, which allows you to close in on a target, similar to an enhanced sniper scope. This is a great tool to be used on assault rifles, for those who prefer to attack enemies from a distance.

Don't bother with Recon Sight if you're someone who prefers up-close combat, though, since you'll be too running around to aim with it anyhow. Try to save it for mid-range combat, and if you need to get close, have a good short-range weapon at the ready, such as a shotgun or a pistol.

Varix 3
If you're looking for something that sits fairly between what the Reflex and the Recon can do, then you'll want to turn to the Varix 3. It's a great tool that enables you to aim down a sight effectively while changing zoom levels. This includes an instant modification to the holographic sight, so you can get better efficiency with aiming.

The thing is you'll want to set a good zoom perimeter before you get into combat, depending on who you're battling. You'll want to make sure your aim is set before getting into skirmishes, or you could be easily distracted.

Need further assistance distinguishing who the good and bad guys are? It happens – big battles can often lead to confusion as to who to attack. With the Thermal, however, you'll be able to identify enemies much easier by tracking an increase in their heat signatures.

It can take some getting used to, since it's a bit cumbersome, and your view isn't really as wide as using open sights. That said, you can still aim effectively with it, and pick off foes that are easily highlighted – unless they're using the Hard Wired perk, that is.

Like Thermal, the BOA is able to distinguish the differences between friendlies and enemies, by highlighting targets in red and fellow soldiers in blue. Again, it has a limited range like the Thermal, but is very effective if you need to be told who to shoot at.

Last but certainly not least, there's the ELO, which provides even greater aiming assistance than the usual red dot. Instead of that simple marker, this weapon provides a floating point illuminated reticule, which helps you in aiming better at targets. It's not particularly useful with close quarters combat, but it's great for those who prefer mid-range or longer weapons.

Feel free to shop around – and experiment!

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