Fallout: The Frontier Looks To Be The Most Ambitious New Vegas Mod Yet

New Vegas mod will include more quests, creatures, tanks and more!

Fallout: New Vegas is still getting love from the ever so dedicated modding community. With mods that changed the game entirely, like Fallout: Rust, or mods like The Tale of Two Wastelands that blended Fallout 3 and New Vegas into one, it's a pretty bold statement this mod will be the most ambitious yet.

Tanks, dogfights, creatures, weather, low gravity, new quests and more are things to expect with The Frontier. Oh, and how about a whole new map? Set in Washington, the map will have things like new camps, snowy mountains, the Autzen Stadium and a new vault. We even received a promise of a new area set in space.

Still not enough to convince you? How about boss fights, aerial dogfights, destructible items and even more? It's amazing to think that six years after New Vegas's debut, and even after Fallout 4's 2015 release, modders are still adding so much to New Vegas. The fan following in the modding community grows every day, and we can't wait to see what these modders will do once Bethesda releases the Creation Kit for Fallout 4. For now, you can check out these five must have Fallout 4 weapon mods.

Fallout: The Frontier is set for release this summer. Follow the official site for more information.

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