Treyarch Might Be Working On Black Ops 4 for 2018

Nothing has been confirmed for the time being.

According to a recent report from the analyst firm Cowen & Company, the new Call of Duty game that Treyarch plans to release in 2018 could be a fourth entry in the studio’s Black Ops series.

The report (which was first covered by GameSpot) predicts that Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming Call of Duty: WWII will outperform Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (not a surprising prediction considering how much negative press Infinite Warfare garnered during its run-up to launch) and that 2018’s Call of Duty game will be a fourth Black Ops title. As of the time of this writing, Activision hasn’t confirmed any details about the 2018 Call of Duty game, though it seems like a reasonably safe assumption that Treyarch has yet another Black Ops game in the works considering it has been squarely focused on its Black Ops series for several years now.

We likely won’t find out exactly what Treyarch has planned for the Call of Duty series until sometime next year, but at this point there’s really no reason to rule out the possibility of a fourth Black Ops title.