My Call of Duty Service Now Lets Users Open Infinite Warfare Supply Drops

Because convenience is king.

My Call of Duty, an online web service which Activision launched earlier this year and which allows users to check their online multiplayer stats for a number of different Call of Duty titles, recently added in a brand new feature: the ability to buy and open Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Supply Drops.

If you have a Call of Duty account and log into the My Call of Duty service, you’ll now see a new Quartermaster tab in the Infinite Warfare section. Clicking on the tab allows you to see at-a-glance how much in-game Salvage and how many Supply Drop Keys and Call of Duty Points you currently have, and if you have enough of the latter two currencies to purchase a Supply Drop, you can do so right from within the Quartermaster section.

According to this Activision Support FAQ, there are a few caveats that My Call of Duty users should be aware of if they use the service to purchase and open Supply Drops:

  • You can only use the amount of Keys / CP you have on your account at a certain time online. You cannot purchase Call of Duty Points to use online; you have to purchase through the in-game /platform store.
  • If you open a drop online and don’t see the gear in-game, make sure to restart the game.
  • Any loot earned via opening a drop through My Call of Duty will not show up in the Recently Acquired tab. You will have access to the loot in the Create-a-Class, as usual.
  • There’s no different/separate gear available in My Call of Duty. It’s the same gear set, just a new way to open supply drops when you’re away from the game.

If you don’t mind dealing with the above limitations, the Quartermaster tab is live right now in the My Call of Duty service.