Feature-Length Call of Duty Documentary Is Available Now

The “CODmentary” can be either bought or rented digitally.

Last month, Activision announced it was working with games publisher Devolver Digital to produce an official Call of Duty documentary that would be the length of a feature film and would chronicle the rise of the iconic franchise. Now, that documentary is available for rental and/or purchase via various digital platforms.

The documentary film, which is cleverly titled “CODmentary,” covers the entirety of the Call of Duty franchise’s lifespan, starting with its rise to fame in the early 2000’s, its large role in helping to establish the multi-million dollar eSports industry, and its status today as a monolithic enterprise that even most non-gamers are at least aware of. As you can see in the below preview trailer, CODmentary even covers lesser-known details about the series, including the origin of the “Call of Duty” moniker and the mantras that constantly drove Call of Duty developers to make the series’ multiplayer better and better with each new game.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch CODmentary now for free (you can also rent or buy it via Amazon as well). The documentary film is also available for rental or purchase via Steam.