Infinite Warfare's 1.19 Patch Includes New Multiplayer Weapons

New cosmetic items and bug fixes are also included.

Infinity Ward has released a new game update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that brings the game up to version 1.19 and adds a couple new armaments to the game’s competitive multiplayer component.

According to this patch notes post over on Reddit, the 1.19 update adds two new multiplayer weapons, a set of new multiplayer cosmetic items (taunts, camos, calling cards, etc.), and a series of bug fixes to Infinite Warfare. The two new weapons are as follows:

• Raijin-EMX Sub-Machine Gun
• Atlas Light Machine Gun

Each of the new weapons also includes a built-in attachment (an EMP launcher for the Raijin-EMX and a deployable smoke drone for the Atlas), making both of them handy weapons to use when you want to outmaneuver your opponents with superior tactics. Patch 1.19 is now live for all versions of Infinite Warfare.