Modern Warfare Remastered Gets New Weapons in Latest Patch

Both firearms and melee variants are included.

A recent patch for Modern Warfare Remastered has added in a slew of new armaments to collect, including firearms, melee weapons, and unlockable weapon kits.

In total, there are three new firearms, three new melee weapons, and two new weapon kits. They are as follows:


• Lynx CQ300 Assault Rifle
• PK-PSD9 Sub-Machine Gun
• BR9 Pistol

Melee Weapons

• ‘Barber’ Straight Razor
• ‘Danger Close’ Rocket Dud Club
• ‘Enforce’ Baton

Weapon Kits

• ‘Fire Drake’ Assault Rifle
• ‘Urban Operator’ Assault Rifle

All of the new weapons and weapon kits can either be crafted or found in Supply Drops. If you’re looking for yet another excuse to revisit Modern Warfare Remastered, the popular Prop Hunt mode is now also a permanent addition.