Prop Hunt Is Now A Permanent Part of Modern Warfare Remastered

The popular offshoot multiplayer mode can now be played indefinitely.

Modern Warfare Remastered players have long been asking developer Raven Software to make Prop Hunt, a fun extra mode that was temporarily featured in previous holiday events, into a permanent mode. Now, those players’ wishes have finally come true.

Raven recently conducted a Twitter poll in which it asked MWR fans to pick between Prop Hunt (a mode in which one team disguises itself as various mundane objects while the other team has to sniff them out and eliminate them) and Slasher (basically MWR’s version of the classic ‘Infected’ game type) with the winner being made into a permanent addition to the game. Unsurprisingly, Prop Hunt won by a large margin after four days of voting.

Now, Modern Warfare Remastered players can enjoy Prop Hunt whenever they want by selecting it from the game’s Standard playlist.