Call of Duty: WWII Will Have Supply Drops

Sadly there will be no theater mode.

Sledgehammer Games has confirmed some new details regarding Call of Duty: WWII, saying that the upcoming title will have multiplayer supply drops but that theater mode is being left behind.

During a recent Reddit AMA, Sledgehammer confirmed that supply drops will be in Call of Duty: WWII, but that any weapon and gear variants earned via the drops will be cosmetic only. Also, similar to Modern Warfare Remastered, there will be various bounties available for those who want to work towards unlocking specific items:

“All weapon variants and gear variants in Call of Duty: WWII supply drops are cosmetic only, so there are no stat-based variants in play. We’re also offering players Collections and Collection Bounties, giving a direct path for our community to earn items through all modes of MP and Headquarters play.”

One feature that *won’t* be returning in Call of Duty: WWII is theater mode, as game director Michael Condrey recently confirmed on Twitter. Fortunately, as Condrey pointed out in his reply, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have built-in functionality that makes the need for a theater mode less prominent.

Call of Duty: WWII is set to launch on November 3.