Reddit Leak Points To New Upcoming Weapons For Infinite Warfare

A new batch of weapons could soon be coming to the game.

A recent data mine that was shared via Reddit points to a series of new and modified weapons that will apparently be added to the list of available multiplayer armaments in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in the near future.

According to the original Reddit source, there are seven new and modified weapons in total. Some of the new additions include a 50 caliber rifle, a gauss rifle, and what appears to be a futuristic-looking sawed-off shotgun. The data mine also includes images of existing weapons such as the R.A.W. LMG and the Hailstorm pistol, suggesting those weapons will be receiving tweaks of their own.

A separate Reddit find also suggests that some of the new weapons, including the 50 caliber rifle, will be getting their own Zombies weapon kits as well, suggesting that they could be integrated as possible wall-buy or Mystery Roulette weapons in upcoming DLC Zombies maps (Infinite Warfare still has two upcoming DLC packs as of this writing). For now, neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have announced any new upcoming weapons, so if and/or when these weapons will actually be added into Infinite Warfare remains to be seen.