Infinite Warfare Players Want Daily Contracts

Why the Infinite Warfare Reddit community wants the option to complete daily contracts. 

Post-launch additions such as new Mission Teams, new Quartermaster items, and the new weekly contracts feature have certainly made Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare into a better game over the long term. However, there’s still one feature that fans are desperate to see added to the game: daily contracts.

As the contributors of this thread and this thread on the Infinite Warfare subreddit point out, weekly contracts are nice, but the fact that only two are offered per week and that their goals can usually be completed after only a day or two’s worth of playing means that there isn’t really a strong incentive to consistently play throughout the week.

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If a new daily contract was also offered each day, however, it would go a long way towards motivating dedicated players to log in and play for at least a little while each day, even if they’d already finished the game’s two weekly contracts. Infinity Ward has proven in the past that they’re taking player feedback for Infinite Warfare to heart, so hopefully a member of the game’s development team will see at least one of the aforementioned Reddit threads and consider the addition of daily contracts.

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