Three New Weapons Added to Modern Warfare Remastered

All three weapons can be found in Supply Drops. 

Developer Raven Software has confirmed that, with the launch of the latest patch for Modern Warfare Remastered, three new weapons can now be found and used in the game’s multiplayer component. The patch, which brings Modern Warfare Remastered up to version 1.11, includes the following three weapons:

  • BOS14 Assault Rifle
  • FANG 45 SMG
  • PROKOLOT Pistol

Both the BOS14 and the FANG 45 has special inherent perks wherein the first five bullets of a clip have special properties. For the BOS14, that special property is increased damage, while the FANG 45’s property is increased fire rate. In addition to being found in Supply Drops, the three newest armaments in Modern Warfare Remastered can also be unlocked by completing new weapon kit challenges.

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