Unlock Exclusive Calling Card By Visiting Call of Duty: WWII Classified Site

New images can be unlocked as well. 

During the recent livestream reveal event for Call of Duty: WWII, viewers were quick to notice that there were codes hidden in certain places during the livestream. These codes eventually led to the discovery of a special teaser website where users can unlock exclusive images and a calling card for the full game.

All of the legwork for unlocking the images and calling card has already been done (the legwork involved finding a second batch of codes that were hidden on Call of Duty: WWII billboards around the world), so if you want to unlock them yourself, it’s a pretty simply process. First, visit the Call of Duty: WWII “classified” teaser website.

There, you’ll be presented with an old fashioned decoder interface where you can enter custom 5-digit codes. Enter the following set of three codes to unlock a batch of teaser images which hint at more information for Call of Duty: WWII’s Zombies mode. Be sure to let the decoder reset after you enter each code: IUFDJ – BHLOP – JMUBA

After you successfully enter the first series of codes, you can enter the five additional codes to unlock dossiers for four different characters: Edgar Crowly, Robert Zussman, Rousseau, and Ronald Daniels. It is assumed that these are the four characters players will get to play as during Call of Duty: WWII’s story campaign: GNULV – YGXSH – CEODL – IBHQB – QKEQW

Finally, entering both sets of codes will also allow the user to claim an exclusive in-game calling card for Call of Duty: WWII. All you have to do to claim is it log into the website using whatever console account you plan on playing Call of Duty: WWII on (PSN, Steam, or Xbox Live) and clicking on the dossier link.

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