Unconfirmed - Call of Duty: WWII Beta and November Release Date

Single-player, multiplayer, and co-op will all be present. 

If some recently leaked marketing materials are to be believed, the recently announced Call of Duty: WWII will launch in early November of this year and will feature an exclusive beta for those who pre-order. The presence of a pre-order-exclusive beta probably isn’t that surprising considering both Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare offered similar incentives for pre-ordering.

The marketing materials also point to a November 3rd release date which, again, would align rather nicely with the release windows of previous Call of Duty games (i.e. the holiday season). Lastly, the materials allude that Call of Duty: WWII will continue the series’ three-pillar structure of including a single-player story campaign, a competitive multiplayer mode, and a co-op multiplayer mode.

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The materials don’t elaborate on whether the co-op mode will be zombies-themed. As with any other leaks and/or rumors, it’s important to remember that the above information hasn’t yet been verified by either Activision or Sledgehammer Games, which means it shouldn’t yet be taken as straight fact.

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