Redditors Praise New Infinite Warfare Continuum Maps

Some are calling it the best map pack since Black Ops 2. 

Now that Infinite Warfare’s Continuum DLC pack is available on PlayStation 4, it has been opened up to the scrutiny of what could be considereds one of the most critical groups in gaming: the Call of Duty fan community. Fortunately, at least as far as Reddit is concerned, Continuum has proven to be a hit.

Recently, Redditor TheUFCVeteran3 submitted a post to the Infinite Warfare subreddit (strong language warning) in which they praise Infinity Ward for creating such a solid collection of new maps. Later, TheUFCVeteran3 amended their post to add that they’re really enjoying the new Shaolin Shuffle Zombies map as well.

Many commenters in TheUFCVeteran3’s post agreed, with some saying that Continuum feels drastically better than the first DLC pack, Sabotage, and others saying that Continuum harkens back to the excellent DLC map packs from games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Black Ops 2.

Continuum’s warm reception is especially good considering how much the fan community seemed to reject the idea of Infinite Warfare back when Activision and Infinity Ward first unveiled the game. It’s nice to see Infinity Ward working so hard to turn things around, especially since we still have two more DLC packs to look forward to.

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