Infinite Warfare Patch 1.13 Is Now Live

The patch brings fixes and new double XP tokens. 

Infinity Ward has released a new patch for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that brings the game’s version up to 1.13 and also adds in some new fixes and features.

In addition to the new Mission Team Contracts, patch 1.13 also adds in the ability for players to purchase double XP tokens from the in-game Quartermaster. Interestingly enough, it looks like the tokens actually double the amount of XP earned from your most recent previous match when used (at least according to these patch notes) instead of the next match you play.

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This means that you can wait to use them until after you’ve had a really good match to maximize your gains. As for the rest of the patch notes, they are as follows:

  • The KBS-Longbow and TF-141 inflict different amounts of damage, which is inconsistent when comparing the weapon damage stats for both weapons. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for kills made with an energy weapon and fusion mag were not tracking for the Extended Mags prestige challenge.
  • Fixed an issue with tacking kills for the Blood Anvil “Ace” Mission.
  • Fix for the ‘Time Played’ column in the Combat Record barracks not displaying the unit of time.
  • Carpet Bomb challenge previously only tracked kills done by Scorchers. Progress may now also be obtained by using: Trinity Rockets, Bombardment, Warden, T.H.O.R, and AP-3X.
  • Fix for the countdown timer not appearing while in control of the RC-8 in Cranked
  • Various map fixes.
  • Adjustments to Active Camo visibility: Active Camo will now be slightly more visible, mainly while in motion.
  • Fix for an issue where players entering an Infected match as a Synaptic so they don’t look like regular infected.
  • Fix for yellow loading icon appearing in Search and Destroy while CODCasting.
  • When firing from the hip with the VPR, the reticle would not appear red when close to an enemy. This has been fixed.
  • Shockwave Updates:
    • Increased non-lethal damage
    • Slightly increased non-lethal radius of Shockwaves performed from low and moderate heights
    • Slightly increased lethal radius of Shockwaves performed from moderate heights
    • Greatly increased lethal radius of Shockwaves performed from great heights
  • Slide adjustments: Slightly reduced maximum initial slide velocity.
  • Adjusted Search and Destroys spawns on Retaliation when defending. Defender spawns were moved forward to facilitate faster times to the bomb sites.

Patch 1.13 is now live on all platforms and should download automatically the next time you boot up Infinite Warfare.

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