Infinite Warfare Gets New Mission Team Contracts Feature

Each pair of contracts lasts for seven days. 

In the latest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare update, developer Infinity Ward added a brand new feature: Mission Team Contracts.

A new pair of contracts is set to rotate in every seven days, and the contracts themselves come with some pretty sweet rewards for those who manage to complete them. As of right now, the current pair of contracts are relatively approachable.

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For example, the first contract tasks players with equipping the JTF Wolverines Mission Team, then landing 500 shots with any weapon. As for the second contract, you'll be tasked with earning 25 payload kills with any Mission Team equipped.

Completing the first contract awards 15,000 Mission Team XP for the JTF Wolverines and completing the second contract awards an Epic Weapon Hack which contains a dupe-protected Epic weapon variant.

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