Watch: Infinite Warfare Continuum DLC Multiplayer Trailer

Four new maps promise plenty of chaotic fun. 

Activision and Infinity Ward have released a new trailer for the previously revealed Continuum DLC pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, this time putting the spotlight on the DLC’s four new multiplayer maps.

The trailer itself is actually pretty slick (par for the course when it comes to Call of Duty multiplayer trailers as of late), showing off the Continuum DLC’s four new maps while also highlighting some of the various methods players can utilize to dominate the competition.

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In case you need a refresher, here’s an overview of the four new maps.

  • Turista: A plush spa and resort, Turista is nestled in the middle of a giant skeleton of an ancient creature. With sniper spots scattered across a majestic, central waterfall, Turista also boasts tight interiors for fans of close-quartered combat and a three-lane design that caters to a variety of play styles.
  • Scrap: Set in an abandoned junkyard on the Moon, Scrap features a combination of extended sightlines and tactical pathways that reward players who engage in both long and short range combat.
  • Archive: Fast, frenetic engagements set the pace in Archive, a post-futurist art gallery where tight engagements contrast with open exterior battlegrounds in this wide three-lane style map.
  • Excess: Perched atop a gilded penthouse in a sprawling future metropolis, Excess is a small, circular map re-imagined from the classic Modern Warfare 2 map, Rust, that retains the intense, fast-paced combat from the original.

Infinite Warfare’s Continuum DLC will launch first for PlayStation 4 on April 18th.

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