Candy Crush Developer Working on a Call of Duty Mobile Game

A new studio will work solely on the upcoming Call of Duty mobile experience. 

King, the development studio behind the iconic mobile title Candy Crush, recently announced they’re working on a brand new mobile game which will be set in Activision's Call of Duty universe.

The news that King is working on a Call of Duty mobile game probably isn’t that surprising considering King was bought by Activision last year and is now a fully owned subsidiary of the publishing giant.

What is a little surprising, however, are the lengths King is going to in order to ensure the new Call of Duty mobile game is a success. The company made it a priority to establish a new studio in Stockholm, Sweden, and they’ve launched a recruitment drive in an attempt to bring new people aboard.

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As of the time of this writing, King is still looking to fill positions such as Art Director, Level Designer, Senior Systems Designer, and more for the Call of Duty mobile game, which means it’s also not terribly surprising that a release date for the game hasn’t yet been announced.

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