Fans Want Modern Warfare Remastered Prop Hunt Mode to be Permanent

An April Fools’ Day joke that turned out to be quite popular. 

To celebrate April Fools’ Day, developer Raven Software recently implemented a humorous multiplayer mode into Modern Warfare Remastered called “Prop Hunt.” The mode itself was temporary, but because it proved to be so fun to play, fans are now requesting that it become a permanent addition to the game.

In case you didn’t get to try out Prop Hunt for yourself, it was basically a game of deadly hide and seek. Two teams of six competed against each other, but while one team played as the usual soldiers armed with guns, the other team would “hide” around the map by transforming into otherwise mundane-looking objects like trash cans and cardboard boxes.

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If a prop player was discovered, they could trigger a flashbang grenade to escape and could also transform into another prop twice per match in order to keep fooling would-be hunters. In short, the mode was a lot of chaotic fun and fans are already lamenting its removal from the Modern Warfare Remastered rotation.

Several Modern Warfare Remastered players (including famous YouTube stars like Ali-A) have already reached out to Raven Software in the hopes that the team will reintroduce Prop Hunt as a permanent fixture.

As of the time of this writing, Raven Software has yet to respond to these inqueries, but given how much fan opinion tends to influence future content additions (as Infinite Warfare’s Tactical Team Deathmatch recently proved), odds are good that Prop Hunt could soon make a triumphant return.

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