Unconfirmed: Black Ops 2 Soon to be Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

A leaked Amazon listing might have tipped Activision’s hand early.

Recent reports in regards to an Amazon UK posting that was put up and then quickly taken down suggest that the Xbox 360 version Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 could soon become backwards compatible on Xbox One.

For now, the Amazon UK listing is all there is to go on, and it isn’t much considering the fact that such listings can easily be faked. Xbox head Phil Spencer did also recently say via Twitter that a highly anticipated Xbox 360 game will soon become backwards compatible, though he also said in the same tweet that he has no comment on the status of Black Ops 2’s backwards compatibility. 

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Whether Spencer was trying to throw fans off the Black Ops 2 scent or if he was in fact talking about a completely different game is something only time will tell at this point. The original Call of Duty: Black Ops became backwards compatible on Xbox One about a year ago, which means that if Black Ops 2 became backwards compatible, fans could play the entire Black Ops trilogy on Xbox One.

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