Check Out Infinite Warfare's Epic Tier Armor Sets

The full gallery is a work in progress. 

There’s no denying that, despite its flaws, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s character artists really outdid themselves when it comes to the Epic tier armor sets you can earn for the game’s multiplayer combat rigs. For those who may not be as easily convinced, one dedicated Redditor is working on amassing a full gallery of all the Epic armor sets in the game.

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On a whim, Redditor Moose_Juice_Jr decided to start compiling images of the different Infinite Warfare Epic tier armor sets and posting them on the Infinite Warfare subreddit. As of the time of this writing, the full gallery of armor set images is still a work in progress (images for six of the twelve armor sets have been found and posted) but Moose_Juice_Jr says that anyone who can find images on their own are more than welcome to submit them.

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