Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Honors The Pixar Film Up

Summon a floating house to (hopefully) distract your opponents.

Over the past few years, the Battlefield franchise has become more and more known for cleverly hidden easter eggs that bring a fun sense of levity to the otherwise serious nature of each Battlefield game. Now that Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass DLC is available, yet another easter egg has been discovered, this one paying tribute to the fondly remembered Pixar movie Up.

As popular Battlefield YouTuber jackfrags details in the below video, the process for unlocking the Up easter egg requires a little legwork, but it isn’t too complicated once you know where to go. Basically, while playing on the new Verdun Heights map (one of the new maps included in They Shall Not Pass), you have to find a series of wine bottles which are hidden around the map and shoot them. Then, you have to find and shoot a series of rooster ornament weather vanes.

If you do everything right, a floating house will appear well above the battlefield and will proceed to drift around the map. The fact that the house is supported by three large balloons is a clear homage to Up, and eagle-eyed fans will also notice the three balloons are red, white, and blue, the same colors sported by the French Tricolore flag (They Shall Not Pass is themed around the French faction of World War II).