Galil Assault Rifle and Ballistic Knife now Available in Black Ops 3

The new weapons arrive alongside new customization content. 

Treyarch is continuing to make good on their promise to continue adding new content to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. This time, Treyarch has added two brand new weapons as well as a collection of new cosmetic customization items.

According to Charlie Intel, the two new weapons are the Galil Assault Rifle and Ballistic Knife melee weapon. The two weapons and all of the new cosmetic items are tagged with a “March Contraband” icon, allowing players to know at-a-glance whenever they manage to score one of the new items.

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All March Contraband items can be found in Black Ops 3’s Supply Drops, as is the case with many of the game’s past content updates. 

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