Modern Warfare Remastered Gets New Supply Drops and St. Patrick Day's Event

The Shamrock & Awe event will stick around until April 3rd. 

Raven Software has released an array of new content for Modern Warfare Remastered, including a brand new series of standard Supply Drops and a limited time St. Patrick’s Day-themed event.

First, the new Operation Lion Strike line of Supply Drops joins the already available Operation Arctic Wolf line. Included in the new Operation Lion Strike drops are brand new weapons, camos, weapon kits, calling cards, and more.

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There’s also a new St. Patrick’s Day event called Shamrock & Awe, which features its own dedicated Supply Drops. Players can get one Shamrock & Awe Supply Drop for free per week and can earn more via gameplay.

The event also includes a limited-time map called Daybreak which is basically a daytime version of the Downpour map. Included in Daybreak are two map-specific challenges that grant special weapon camos upon completion. 

Additionally, the Shamrock & Awe event has three new item collections which, if completed, gives users the ability to play as the iconic Modern Warfare character, Captain Graves, in multiplayer.

A visual breakdown of the Shamrock & Awe event can be seen in the video above courtesy of Raven Software.

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