New Weapons Available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Season Pass owners get a special bonus as well.

Infinity Ward has released a fresh content update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare which adds in new guns, cosmetic items, a melee weapon variant, and an exclusive bonus for those who own the game’s Season Pass. The main highlight of the content update is the brand new R-VN Assault Rifle.

In its default mode, the R-VN acts as a two-round burst auto-fire energy rifle, but it can also be split into a dual-wield mode in which it becomes a one-hit-kill melee shock weapon.

Owners of the Infinite Warfare season pass get the R-VN right off the bat, but if you don’t own the Season Pass, you can also unlock it by earning 200 kills with an energy-based Assault Rifle class weapon equipped with a weapon prestige accessory. Variants of the R-VN can also be found in Supply Drops (finding one also unlocks the base version).

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Several new weapon variants can also now be found in Supply Drops, as can new weapon camos, taunts, Combat Rig customization items, and more. Additionally, if you have extra Salvage burning a hole in your digital pocket, five weapons previously only found in Supply Drops can now be crafted using Salvage in Infinite Warfare’s Prototype Lab. These weapons include:

  • The Reaver – Machete Shotgun
  • Volk – Corruption Assault Rifle
  • Erad – Destiny SMG
  • DMR – Binary Sniper Rifle
  • DCM-8 – Even Keel Shotgun

Finally, the new “Headsman” axe melee weapon can now be found in Infinite Warfare Supply Drops (though sadly it cannot be crafted). With the Headsman equipped, players benefit from a slight increase to base movement speed. Furthermore, the axe can also be thrown and picked up, making it deadly both up close and at range for those skilled enough to wield it. You can watch a new trailer showing off both the R-VN and the Headsman axe below:

If you’ve been thinking of picking up the Infinite Warfare Season Pass, now is a great time to do so as Infinite Warfare’s first DLC pack, Sabotage, is now available on all platforms.

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