Infinity Ward Confirms New Infinite Warfare Features

More prestige levels, Quartermaster content, and a new Mission Team are on the way.

In a new community update post, Infinity Ward laid out yet another roadmap of upcoming features for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, features which should start rolling out at the end of February.

You can read the full community update over on Infinity Ward’s website. We’ve also provided a summarized list of features covered in the community update below: 

  • A new 360-degree camera feature will let players see their customized Combat Rigs from all angles (late February).
  • The Winner’s Circle will be updated so that featured players are seen holding the last weapon they used during the match.
  • More content will be added to the Quartermaster on a regular basis.
  • The Custom Emblems feature has been slightly delayed and is now expected to launch sometime in mid-March.
  • A brand new Mission Team, complete with its own unlockable equipment and cosmetic gear.

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  • More prestige levels.
  • As-yet-detailed new features for scorestreaks.
  • A community poll which will allow players to vote on which featured game modes they want to play during a given week.

For more on the latest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare news, be sure to read about the rumored scorestreak variants that may be added in the next Infinite Warfare update, take advantage of Infinite Warfare’s new Mayhem playlist before it ends tomorrow, and recap Infinite Warfare’s previous update with the 1.09 patch notes.

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