Infinite Warfare Introduces New Mayhem Playlist

Earn more scorestreaks in this custom take on Team Deathmatch until February 24th. 

Infinity Ward is bringing a new temporary game mode to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare called Mayhem which introduces an interesting twist to the usual Team Deathmatch style of play.

According to a tweet from Infinity Ward, the Mayhem playlist is currently live and will remain so until this upcoming Friday, February 24th. In Mayhem, two teams compete in an otherwise standard round of Team Deathmatch.

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However, a player’s progress when earning scorestreaks doesn’t reset when the player dies in a Mayhem match. This means that Infinite Warfare’s standard TD matches can become quite chaotic thanks to multiple scorestreaks rapidly flooding the area.

If you’ve been meaning to complete any scorestreak-related challenges, or you’re someone who struggles to earn more expensive scorestreaks, the new Mayhem playlist certainly sounds like it deserves your attention.

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