Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 1.09 Patch Notes

The latest Infinite Warfare patch includes Combat Records and several bug fixes. 

Infinity Ward recently released a new patch for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, bringing the game up to version 1.09. The patch added several new features to the game including Combat Records, which gives players a concise snapshot of stats such as how many wins they've accrued, their K/D ratio, and more.

In addition, Infinite Warfare's pre-match lobby system now includes ways to view a more accurate breakdown of team balance and whether or not players are grouped together in a party. To learn more about the fixes and changes included in the 1.09 update, be sure to read through the patch notes listed below (text courtesy of Activision). 

General Fixes

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Drop Zone

  • Score limit increased from 600 to 750.
  • Adjustments made to hill rotations.
  • Removed high tier streaks from the first hill to prevent an unfair advantage at the beginning of the match.
  • All hills after the first have a chance at all streaks regardless of tier.

Infected and Gun Game

  • Added player customization.
  • Infected will still replace Synaptics with a random default customization.
  • Infected now increase match timer on Survivor suicides.


  • General fixes for bugs found in Leaderboards.
  • Slight decrease to the Vulture’s overall speed and acceleration.
  • Slight decrease in damage of the Vulture’s turret.
  • Fixed crashes and performance issues that could occur when viewing videos in
  • will now show if a livestream is a replay.
  • Fixed green screen that would sometimes appear when exiting the menu.
  • Fixed players knees clipping into player view if they sprinted while jumping from boost jump height.
  • Uplink fix where players could pass the drone through a short wall in Terminal.
  • Fixed a scrolling issue while in the armory.
  • Fixed issue where a player with the Tracker perk equipped was unable to hear another player boost jumping with the Dead Silence perk equipped.
  • Removed showing the public rank in private or system link pause menus.
  • Fixed Steel Dragon damaging a player with Charge Shield.
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect information about a player could be displayed in the MP lobby.
  • Fixed damage feedback icon for not displaying the first time in a round.
  • (Xbox One) Fixed an issue that would cause a player to get removed from the local party at an inopportune time.


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Zombies in Spaceland

  • Fixes for players losing their weapons when Pack-a-Punching.

Rave in the Redwoods

  • Several out of map exploits fixed.
  • Fix for being able to replenish ammo after putting the harpoon back in the cabinet and picking it up back up.
  • Fix for random dancing zombies that could remain after the music has stopped.
  • Fix for various zip line bugs that could occur.
  • Fix for a bug where splitscreen players didn’t have access to options in several menus.


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  • Added an option for players to select how much time they’ll allow for players to edit their loadouts in Rig draft from 0-75 seconds.
  • Fix for yellow loading icons appearing during CODCaster mode.
  • Players were able to start a CWL match with 5 players on a team, but only showing 4 on the draft screen.
  • This has been fixed to only allow 4 players maximum while allowing 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.
  • Fix for a bug where a player would see incorrect text when hovering over a Rig that another player has already selected.
  • If a player changes their Rig after selecting their Payloads, the CODCaster would only see the updated Rig, not the updated Payloads. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for teams appearing on the wrong side of the loading screen if teams were unbalanced.

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