Watch This Redditor's Hilarious Infinite Warfare Fail Montage

There’s bad luck, and then there’s this. 

Play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for any prolonged amount of time and you’re bound to have a spot of bad luck or two, but as one player learned during their journey towards 10th Prestige, sometimes you can be hit by a bout of really bad luck.

Redditor RicklesBAYBAY recently posted a new video montage to the Infinite Warfare subreddit. As you can see in the video, RicklesBAYBAY was forced to deal with some pretty unfortunate outcomes during their time with the game.

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Though, as the montage also shows, RicklesBAYBAY pulled off some pretty astounding feats of their own in-between the hilarious fails, making the pain they no doubt felt after some of their unfortunate deaths almost worth it.

If the above video has somehow inspired you to dive back into Infinite Warfare, now is a great time to do so since the game recently got a fresh injection of new Quartermaster items which include weapon variants and cosmetic add-ons, find out what's behind Infinite Warfare's multiplayer maps, and learn more about the leaked mission team for Infinite Warfare

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